Groen Club 1955

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Runner at the ICS opening 1967

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Clockwise from the top: Henk Hart, Calvin Seerveld, H E Runner and Francois Guillaume

Walking in the Way of the Word – new publication

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H. Evan Runner, Walking In The Way of The Word: The Collected Writings of H. Evan Runner. Volume Two. 336 pp. ISBN 978-0-88815-203-9.
Walking In The Way of The Word is the second of two volumes that will bring all the various writings, both published and unpublished, of Prof. Runner together in a two volume set. The two volumes together amount to almost one thousand pages pages of text. Volume two is a republication of all the lectures from the Christian Perspective series from 1959 to 1961 that have been published already in various forms. These lectures will be an invaluable resource for beginning students and seasoned faculty member alike given the broad range of topics addressed. Volume one represents the collected lectures, speeches, and papers, from 1940 to 1994 and contains 632 pages of text.

More Runner resources on-line

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The Reformational Publishing Project have now added more of Runner’s works on-line:

Runner, H.E.. Point Counter Point PDF (pdf file 1 meg)

Runner, H.E.. Radical Christian Facing Today’s Political Malaise PDF (pdf file 219 k)

Runner books and articles now on-line

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The Reformational Publishing project has placed on-line several of Runner’s books and articles on-line:

Life is Religion ed. (pdf file 2 meg)

Scriptural Religion and Political Task
(pdf file 851 k)

The Relation of the Bible to Learning (pdf file 1 meg)

Christianity and Humanism (pdf file 391 k)

Critisch-Historisch Onderzoek naar de Sociologische Ontwekkeling van het Beginsel der Souvereiniteit in eigen Kring” (pdf file 158 k)

The Christian and the World (pdf file 422 k)

The Development of Calvinism in North America on the Background of its Development in Europe (pdf file 354 k)

Plantinga on Runner

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Theo Plantinga has posted his article on Runner from Life is Religion: Essays in Honor of H. Evan Runner ed H Vander Goot (Paideia Press, St Catherine’s Ontario, 1981): The Christian philosophy of H. Evan Runner pp 15- 28.

Lecture 45

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Do these ideas really exist?  How did Plato know that these ideas exist?

Unfortunately apart from these two sentences the tape is blank!  This was the final tape – so this series of lectures has now come to an abrupt end.   Sorry!