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Runner at the ICS opening 1967

17 April, 2011
Clockwise from the top: Henk Hart, Calvin Seerveld, H E Runner and Francois Guillaume

Unionville Conferences images

29 July, 2007

Kerry Hollingsworth has posted a number of images of Runner and the Unionville conferences on the Reformational Publishing Project site.

1. General view of the “Barn” Unionville Conference 1960
2. Unionville Conference 1961
3. Vollenhoven and wife at 1961 Unionville Conference
4. Evan Runner, Henk Van Riessen, Hans Rookmaaker, J. J. Duyvene De Wit, Unionville 1961
5. o_runner_vollenhoven_1961.jpgIn Evan Runner’s back yard, Grand Rapids, 1961. From left, Bernard Zylstra, Cal Seerveld, Glen Andreas, Vollenhoven, Runner.
6. Vollenhoven and wife in Runner’s back yard, Grand Rapids, 1961.

Runner from Christian Perspectives

25 October, 2006


picture of Runner

25 July, 2006



25 July, 2006

life-is-religion-4.jpg hearing.jpg

John Kraay and Anthony Tol (editors) Hearing and Doing: Philosophical Essays Dedicated to H. Evan Runner (Wedge Publishing: Toronto, 1979)

Henry Vander Goot (editor) Life is Religion: Essays in Honor of H. Evan Runner  (Paideia Press, St Catherine’s, Ontario, 1981)

Portrait from Hearing and Doing

22 July, 2006


Portrait of Runner

21 July, 2006

H. Evan Runner