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Runner books and articles now on-line

5 October, 2008

The Reformational Publishing project has placed on-line several of Runner’s books and articles on-line:

Life is Religion ed. (pdf file 2 meg)

Scriptural Religion and Political Task
(pdf file 851 k)

The Relation of the Bible to Learning (pdf file 1 meg)

Christianity and Humanism (pdf file 391 k)

Critisch-Historisch Onderzoek naar de Sociologische Ontwekkeling van het Beginsel der Souvereiniteit in eigen Kring” (pdf file 158 k)

The Christian and the World (pdf file 422 k)

The Development of Calvinism in North America on the Background of its Development in Europe (pdf file 354 k)


Plantinga on Runner

17 April, 2008

Theo Plantinga has posted his article on Runner from Life is Religion: Essays in Honor of H. Evan Runner ed H Vander Goot (Paideia Press, St Catherine’s Ontario, 1981): The Christian philosophy of H. Evan Runner pp 15- 28.

Rudder Hard Over

22 July, 2006

Andrew Vis ‘Rudder hard overThe Crown 21 (11) March 2004

“Rudder Hard Over!” was the title of a speech that the late H. Evan Runner gave in 1953, at the inception of the Calvinistic Cultural Association. In this speech, Runner advocated a radically different approach for Christian engagement with culture, an approach that called for Christians to network together to create organizations that could effectively shape society. Runner’s vision, which started the movement that has made institutions like Redeemer possible, is deeply rooted in the conviction that Christ is Lord of all of life. So, who was this Runner? Why is he important to us?

Born in 1916 in Pennsylvania, H. Evan Runner grew up as the only child of Howard and Sarah Watterson-Runner. After graduating with honours from high school, he began studying at the University of Pennsylvania in 1935. It was here that Runner came across Henry Bradford Smith, a professor who advised his students to leave their various faith commitments at home and to accept rationality as a common starting point. Though faced with this attractive proposition, Runner decided that he could not let go of his faith – a decision which profoundly affected the course of his life. He later went on to study at Wheaton College, Westminster Theological Seminary, and the Free University of Amsterdam, where he was taught by both Dooyeweerd and Vollenhoven. After receiving his doctorate in 1951, Runner got a job teaching philosophy at Calvin College, where he taught until his retirement thirty years later. After a two-year bout with cancer, H. Evan Runner passed away in 2002.

Remembering Runner

22 July, 2006

Calvin News ‘Runner dies at 86

Phil deHaan ‘Remembering the late H. Evan Runner

Theodore Plantinga ‘H. Evan Runner: man of passion, man of conviction

Calvin Seerveld ‘Biblical reflection at a conference celebrating the life-service of H. Evan Runner

Keith Sewell ‘Give thanks for H. Evan Runner

Robert Sweetman ‘H. Evan Runner: in memoriam‘ [pdf]

Harry Van Dyke ‘H. Evan Runner and the Groen club

Al Wolters ‘The importance of H. Evan Runner

Al Wolters ‘Runner’s impact on the academy and beyond: personal reflections

H. Evan Runner, ’39, on March 14, 2002, of cancer. Professor of philosophy at Calvin College from 1951 – 1981, in 1993 he was given the prestigious “Faith and Learning Award” by the Calvin Alumni Association for successfully and consistently integrating faith and learning in the classroom. He helped establish the Institute for Christian Studies (ICS), a Christian graduate school in Toronto where faculty and students explore Runner’s vision of an integral, interdisciplinary philosophy as a key component to a thorough Christian contribution to education and culture. In April 2001, the ICS created the H. Evan Runner Chair in the History of Philosophy. Calvin’s president, Gaylen Byker, honored Runner’s vision for a thoroughly Christian approach to philosophy and stated that Calvin College is still shaped by his influence. He was 86.

Westminster Theological Seminary Bulletin


21 July, 2006

Theo Plantinga has a number of excellent resources on Runner on his Myodicy pages. These include:

H. Evan Runner: Man of Passion, Man of Conviction

Whatever Happened to the Groen Club?

Runner on the Groen Club

Runner’s Introduction to Philosophy — I

Runner’s Introduction to Philosophy — II

Runner’s Introduction to Philosophy — III

On the above lecture notes Plantinga coments:

When I took Evan Runner’s two-term introductory philosophy at Calvin College during the academic year 1964-65, he was planning to write out the material he used in the form of a book that could be used in such a course. I know that others have heard him express a similar intention. But nothing ever came of it. And so we are left to wonder what such a book might have looked like. What topics would it have covered? Well, we need not remain altogether in the dark. Some of us who were his students can still consult the notes we took in his classes. Indeed, I took rather careful notes, which I transcribed and reorganized by retyping them, usually on the same day on which the class in question met.