Lecture 7

[on end of tape 6]
Starts with summary of previous lecture.

Structure and direction
There is a radical opposition between this 2600 year -old tradition and biblical revelation.
Man is a being who exists in relation to God, a revelation of covenant. Every human is a covenantal being.
Used in a directional sense – obedient or disobedient to the covenant.

[beginning of tape 7]

There is no way for a human to be except in covenant.

There are two directions – obedient or disobedient – but behind the two directions there is the structure of cosmic creation.

Technology is it good or bad? Jacques Ellul has a bad view of technology, a too one-sided view. Technology depends on who does it and the direction – in obedience or rebellion against God.

Man is placed under God’s word – that is the human condition, the structure of our life.

Revelational/ biblical pattern of sound words
1 Tim 6:20
2 Tim 1: 13-14
2 Tim 4: 2-5
2 Tim 3: 14-17

If you want to know where I’m coming from become acquainted with De Graaf’s Promise and Deliverance. I wrote a brief into to the English edition in vol 1 and a longer introduction to vol 3.

Also the 10 paperback volumes C. Vanderwaal [Search the Scriptures?]

1. The revelation of creation – and therewith the sovereign God whose word called into being, establishes, preserves and directs to the End.

The whole cosmos is directed to an end.

A lot of people fail to see what I’m talking about – not saying creation is revelation. The revelation of creation – it has been revealed that there is a creation.

The Greeks had no creation. They talked about a former, a demiurge, an artificer.
Creating, calling into being is not the same as forming.

The integer character of creation – there is no second source – reflects the God who called it into being, there is oneness.

In dualism – kingdom of light and kingdom of darkness – they do not mingle – there is no real mixture – they are in close juxtaposition, they don’t fuse – this dualism is alien to the scriptures.

Revelation that there is a creation, is a revelation of a sovereign God who created all things.

JHWH Jehovah – the Lord of hosts.
Host is a very interesting word, not just the whole starry heaven; whole hosts of angelic crowds. He command all the forces.
His word is law, who orders everything. There is often a wrong attitude to law – God is not a tyrant trying to foist his will. God as creator is letting us in on how he made things and how we should then live to be safe, to have shalom. Law is his mercifulness letting us in.

There are two senses of order: bringing order, structuring and arranging; and commanding. Both of these senses are involved.

For the Greeks, Zeus was the father of the gods – he looked to the scales, the ananke (necessity), he couldn’t so what he wanted. They didn’t know what determines the course of events. It may be ananke is some tribal memory that their gods are not the ultimate determiner of events.

All created forces are under the command of the Lord of hosts. (Jer 31:35)

2. Revelation of leb (heart)
This talk about man as heart, some have supposed it is the invention of a few Dutch philosophers (ie Dooyeweerd and Vollenhoven). But this is not some private interpretation. The trend has been to interpret it in the same way.

Emil Brunner ‘ the talk of man as a body and soul or body, soul and spirit is for the birds – instead of that scriptures talks of heart’.

What heart does not mean is an ‘affective side’ as opposed to a ratinocinative side, as it is used in Indo-European literature.

In the scriptures the heart is not one side as opposed to another side, it is used to refer to the whole man in his entirety – in this sense it doesn’t appear in any other literature.

[end of side one]

[Side two starts lecture 8 – which starts with a recap of some of the points above.]

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