On Runner

Bernard Zysla ‘H. Evan Runner: and assesment of his mission’ in Life is Religion: Essays in Honor of H. Evan Runner edited by Henry Vander Goot. St catherine’s Press: Ontario, 1981.

Harry Van Dyke and Albert M. Wolters ‘Interview with Dr H. Evan Runner’ in Hearing and Doing: Philosophical Essays Dedicated to H. Evan Runner edited by J. Kraay and A. Tol. Wedge: Toronto, 1979.

Bernard Zysla ‘Preface to Runner’ in The Relation of the Bible to Learning by H. Evan Runner. 5th edn. Paidea Press: Ontario, 1982.

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2 Comments on “On Runner”

  1. Bruce Wearne Says:

    Crane Brinton ed The Society of Fellows Cambridge Massachusetts, Published by The Society of Fellows of Harvard University, 1959

    Howard Evan Runner (1941-1943)
    Associate Professor of Philosophy, Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Address 1220 Thomas Street SE Grand Rapids Mich. Born Jan 28 1916 Oxford Pa. Married Elisabeth Henricka Wichers, Dec 16 1947 Children: Evan Wicher, Jan 17, 1950 Catherine Sarah Elisabeth Oct 3 1954, Henrica Jocelyn Sept 6 1956.
    Degrees: AB Wheaton College Ill 1936 ThB Westminster Theological Seminary 1939, ThM ibid 1946 PhD Free University of Amsterdam 1951
    Position Held Teacher at Eastern Academy Paterson NJ 1943-44; Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Calvin College 1951-1953. Editor Philosophia Reformata published in The Netherlands.
    Recipient of Bok Scholastic Award, Netherlands Ministry of Education 1947-48.
    Writings: So far only syllabuses and class notes and a translation of a brief treatise on logic from Dutch. Translation of a large history of Greek philosophy from Dutch in progress.
    Study of the more ultimate structurating ideas of our total experience – history of thought in this sense. Am trying to gain some insight into significance of these total-structurating ideas.

  2. Thesisbuster Says:

    This word – structurating – is interesting given the more recent development of structuration theory in sociology.

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