Theo Plantinga has a number of excellent resources on Runner on his Myodicy pages. These include:

H. Evan Runner: Man of Passion, Man of Conviction

Whatever Happened to the Groen Club?

Runner on the Groen Club

Runner’s Introduction to Philosophy — I

Runner’s Introduction to Philosophy — II

Runner’s Introduction to Philosophy — III

On the above lecture notes Plantinga coments:

When I took Evan Runner’s two-term introductory philosophy at Calvin College during the academic year 1964-65, he was planning to write out the material he used in the form of a book that could be used in such a course. I know that others have heard him express a similar intention. But nothing ever came of it. And so we are left to wonder what such a book might have looked like. What topics would it have covered? Well, we need not remain altogether in the dark. Some of us who were his students can still consult the notes we took in his classes. Indeed, I took rather careful notes, which I transcribed and reorganized by retyping them, usually on the same day on which the class in question met.

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